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Creanovation Technologies Pvt Ltd(CTPL) is a product and services company based in India. Team CTPL provides the suite of new-age and state-of-the-art technology powered, education focussed web and mobile apps. They have been serving the education domain for the enhancement of the admissions of educational institutions. Supporting more than 300 + Universities, Colleges & Schools across 24 states in the country. Also, help institutes and universities to implement an end-to-end Smart Online Admission System, Fee Management System, Digital Marketing Services,Lead Management Platform, CRM, Call- Management System, e-Classroom, etc.

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I love the pre-built chatbot templates and intuitive widgets provided by Tars to create conversations. For me, chatbots really help to optimize and improve landing page conversions. I highly recommend giving Tars a try if you are looking for a highly intuitive chatbot builder with impressive reporting📝
Tars Partner - Preston Martelly
Preston Martelly
Java Logix

I appreciate the tools available on Tars to build conversational solutions. Also, the team - they are at the time capable to deliver powerful flexible solutions. Hundreds of templates are available for anyone to speed up the development of a nice useful chatbot. A special mention to their people, who are all the time willing to help and make the entire bot making experience easy to use📈

Tars Partner- Mario Recalde
Mario Recalde
Conversación Digital

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