At Tars, we have been helping businesses build conversational bots for over a year now. And I wanted to share some of the coolest and interesting bots people have built using our platform. I have tried to cover diverse use-cases, to help you understand what all can possibly be done using this simple interface.

So here you go :

1. Meditation Bot

Modern day living is stressful. Traffic, work, pollution… Some times we just need to sit back, relax and meditate for a bit.

How about you have a friend that can assist you in doing so 🙂

Try it here

2. Veho by PickYourTrail

Get a personalised travel plan based on your interests. All you got to do is tell the bot about what you are looking to do and it will magically give you a personalised travel itinerary.

Try it here

3. Merenguemerengue

Order ice-cream over chat! What more do you want in life?! (note : it’s in Spanish)

Try it here

4. OnlineRTI

Nobody likes to go through the tedious process of filling out government forms. Why not text to “File an RTI(Right to Information)” application?

Try it here

5. Newsletter Bot

This is a marketer’s dream come true. Most of us send out email newsletters hoping that a certain % of our subscribers would open and engage with our content. And we keep trying to make it better. But what really happens in the end is an email which looks like this :

How can we expect a reader to find the meaningful content among all this noise?

So we converted our weekly newsletter into a bot and our engagement shot up 4x.

Try it here

We are always looking for interesting people to work with us at Tars. If “what we do” seems like fun to you, drop me a line at ish [at] hellotars [dot] com 🙂