Adding images, videos and gifs, make your bots more interactive and that means higher conversion rates.

People like this:

more than they like this:

But you see, this past week we realised that we missed out on something when we made that claim.

Our vision was far too restricted in the past. Images, gifs and videos are great. But why stop there?

Today we expand the list.

  1. You can embed sound clips or music from SoundCloud :

2. Locations from Google Maps :

3. And even decks from Slideshare, if you so please :

Why is this important?

Same reason why pics, gifs and videos were important.


The more interactive your bot is, the more fun/useful it is to chat with. And the higher the likelihood of conversion. Sometimes, images, videos and gifs aren’t enough. Imagine if you have a bot that informs people of an event or tells people about your company. You could embed a maps link so that they can find the event venue or your offices more easily. Makes sense?

How do you embed content?

For Youtube videos and SoundCloud clips —

For Maps

For Slides