TARS Meeting Chatbots help you take your lead generation game by automating the meeting scheduling process

Here’s how they work👇

What Is A Meeting Chatbot?

The idea behind TARS Meeting Chatbots is simple.

People click onto your webpages and instead of being greeted with the same calendar widgets that you use today, they have a conversation with a chatbot to book an appointment.

As an added bonus, the bots are integrated with Google Calendar. This means that bot will:

  1. Only display available slots on your calendar, thus preventing overbooking
  2. The bot creates a Google Calendar event and sends an email invite to both you and the lead so that you don’t forget about the meeting

Why Is This important?

We built this product out of necessity.

We were already capturing email leads through our chatbot but found that many would drop off in the inevitably messy email back and forth where we’d try to schedule a time to talk.

By adding a native Google Calendar integration into our bots, we can book the appointment right when the lead is giving us their email.

The end result has been fewer email threads, a faster sales cycle, and more demo calls.

How Can I Create A Meeting Chatbot?

Since we want to get Meeting Chatbots into as many marketing stacks as possible, we will build your first meeting chatbot for you. All you need to do is book a demo call with us.

If you’d rather build the bot yourself, we created this handy little helpdoc+video just for you