I’ve been in the chatbot game for almost 5 years now, and in that time, I’ve found that there is a single factor that differentiates the good chatbots from the not so good ones:

The intention of the chatbot’s creator.

Now, I realize that this might sound like some holier than thou spiel about having the right intentions, but I’m being dead serious. A lot of people decide to build chatbots for their business for the sole reason that they see everyone else building chatbots and they don’t want to feel left out. Inevitably these efforts result in a user experience that disappoints customers and businesses alike.

On the other hand, when people start out with a problem that they are trying to solve and then naturally arrive at chatbots as the solution, the results are better. Much better.

A couple of weeks back I spoke to someone who falls into the latter category of chatbot creators.

Jared Jaskot is an immigration attorney and co-founder of YoTengoBot, a conversational tech startup that helps law firms answer common recurring questions from potential clients and book more high-quality consultations.

The startup was founded out of a problem that Jared was trying to solve at his workplace.

He found that a lot of his clients were waiting months on end for a 30-minute consultation in which they’d ask him the most basic questions so he set out to find a solution.

After a bunch of trial and error (read: forms and websites), he found chatbots and guess what? They worked. Chatbots helped him automate 70% of customer conversations, increase his conversion rate by 10x, and most importantly deliver his necessary legal services to more people.

Tune in to the episode for the full story👆

In this podcast, you will learn…

👉The art of asking for sensitive information in a chatbot

👉How chatbots improve the ROI on digital ad campaigns

👉Why even non-AI chatbots are better than websites and forms

👉 How chatbots help small businesses scale

👉How you can leverage your chatbot to build an audience?

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