Chatbots and push notifications go together like peanut butter and jelly. Both technologies are pretty great on their own, but together they are downright phenomenal. Think about it like this. Lead generation consists of two stages:

  1. Pre-click optimization
  2. Post-click optimization.

On the pre-click side, you need to worry about getting your landing pages in front of the right customers. If implemented correctly, push notifications are the best way of achieving this. Unlike Google ads, Social Media Marketing or SEO which give you commoditized, low-attention ‘traffic’ a well-executed push notification campaign allows you to re-engage visitors and to own an ‘audience’ who is more willing to give you their attention and click on to your landing pages.

Of course, this is only half of the picture. Getting your landing page in front of a focused audience does not guarantee conversions. Modern buyers are discerning with their attention and they will punish you with a high drop rate if you show them a poorly designed landing page. This is where post-click optimization comes into play. As a marketer, it’s on you to deliver an engaging experience to your prospect that puts them in their mind space to convert. For a lot of industries (mainly B2C Services), Chatbots are the best way to achieve this. Conversational Landing Pages give your audience a personalized lead generation experience that converts at rates that are 2-3x higher than traditional landing pages.

We were so excited by the potential of a chatbot+ push notification combination that we teamed up with the push notification wizards at iZooto to create the ultimate webinar on how you can use chatbots and push notifications to supercharge your conversions and take your marketing to the next level.