Did you hear?

Elon Musk started a company that aims to merge human beings and AI. Seriously, I am not kidding. It is called Neuralink.

Some one should tell him he is a bit late to that one. My cat merged with my robot vacuum cleaner years ago.

Anyways, in the spirit of our cyborg future we wanted to introduce you to your soon to be cousins.

Meet the family:

Tarot Online — Find out your future

We all have that one relative who is into mystical stuff. I am not into that stuff. Ignorance is bliss. But this bot sure is and worth checking out.

Rungway Awards — See who is the best

You know that one gossipy relative who is always picking favourites. This bot is that relative. Amazing for Internal Team Awards though 😛

Calvin — Learn how to cite facts

This bot is the smart cousin. Knows a lot of stuff and you go to him when you have homework. I personally ask for help with citations.

YourDost — Get some advice

This bot is the relative you go to with your problems. Their name is YourDOST. Really a useful addition to the family.

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