Wondering how to step your bot game to the next level? You’re in the right place. Welcome to yet another Tars Bot Roundup.

Here are our selections for the week:

Baer on Marketing

Baer on Marketing helps companies figure out the puzzle that is marketing. Their bot, acts as a personal way to get to the webpage that you need. This bot is a perfect example of how the redirect at the end of conversation feature can be used to seamlessly transition users to a place that is pertinent to them. Think of it as really precise search engine if you don’t know the search term or a super engaging sitemap.

Aren’t both super useful?


Direct link : https://chatbot.hellotars.com/conv/SJ-Cvj/

NewFlight helps customers create top notch marketing videos. Their bot displays many of the best practices that we recommend when making on-boarding bots like simplicity of language and conciseness of flow. This week though, we want to direct your attention to something else that they do well. The way they present their call to action button. Enter the Newflight website and you are greeted with a simple page consisting of a beautiful video a menu button and the chat button. The combination of a beautiful video, simple design and good on-boarding flow is a formidable one.

After potential customers have their breath taken away by NewFlight’s amazing video making skills, their natural instinct would be to get something done for their own company. On the minimalist webpage, the chat button stands out. Clicking on it reveals a chat on the same page itself which engages them through the whole process and completes the pipeline from content to on-boarding.


Direct link : https://vakilsearch.com/tars-page

Vakilsearch puts its clients in touch with legal experts who can help with anything from registering their business to payroll management. An interesting thing to note about their bot is that they filter users by their needs rather than who their businesses are. Look at the first menu that they provide you with. By doing this, VakilSearch bot users feel that the bot is there to immediately address their problems. This acts as a good hook that can increase your completion rates.


Direct link : https://bragbee.hellotars.com/conv/rk8yhH

Bragbee has built an ad network “where internal channels of offices can be used to promote products to employees.” Their bot acts as an informative bot, explaining the company’s aims and also generates leads by asking the user for their info after taking them through an engaging flow.

But what I like about this bot is that they make good use of a simple and powerful tool. The rich text editor. Bold, Italics and Underline are text editing tools that can be found in the most basic text editors. But that does not diminish the value that they offer. Take a look at Bragbee’s flow and notice how they bold important parts of messages. Users often have low attention spans (thanks Snapchat!) and reading even a simple text message can be hard. Making important text bold especially in your long messages can help users understand your message even if they are not paying full attention. Seriously consider using this in your bots.