This post is intended for all of Tars’ existing customers.

We have recently pushed out a new feature in your admin dashboard and it’s called “Partial Chat”. I wanted to explain more about what it does and how you can make the most of it.

What does Partial Chat do

Partial feature allows us to capture all the chat data even if the user leaves the chat midway. And present the same in your dashboard.

Why did we need this feature

Many of you had been asking us this question for the last few months : “What happens if the user doesn’t complete the whole chat and leaves midway?”

And we used to be like : “Well, you’d lose all of that data!”

Now, we did realise that this is an important thing for any business for 2 primary reasons :

  1. You tend to lose any user data that he has already provided if he drops without completing the whole chat. And this becomes specially important in lead generation kinda use-cases where each and every data point is extremely useful for the business.
  2. You are not able to analyse how people have been interacting with your chat workflow. Things like where do most of the users drop, what kind of questions they are asking, what path do most users take and much more. For instance, if a significant number of users drop at a point where you ask for their email address, you might want to remove that question.

And it’s because of these reasons that we have released the much awaited Partial Chat feature.

How to use Partial Chat feature

  • Click on your conversational bot
  • Now click on Partial Data tab in the left sidebar. And you’ll be able to see all those chats wherein the user didn’t complete the whole conversation.

  • You can even export this data into an excel sheet and do much more analysis around this. To export, just click on “Export button” in the “Partial Data” tab.

Go, check it out and optimise your workflows.

We’d love to hear what your insights have been from this data and how you have been making the chat flows better.

Do reach out to me at ish [at] hellotars [dot] com in case you need help in making the best out of this.

We are always looking for interesting people to work with us at Tars. If “what we do” seems like fun to you, drop me a line at ish [at] hellotars [dot] com 🙂