About a year ago, we pivoted our content marketing strategy at TARS to focus primarily on video. Every blogpost we published would be accompanied by a short video explaining the content, and every one of these explainer videos would be accompanied by an even shorter teaser clip that we’d post on LinkedIn.

For a long time, this strategy worked well for us!

We got good engagement on LinkedIn, drove traffic to our blog, and even converted some viewers into paying customers.

But then, a few months ago, everything changed. LinkedIn updated its algorithm and videos were no longer performing as well as they used to. Our entire social media strategy had collapsed before our eyes and there was nothing we could do about it.

Thankfully for us, we didn’t put all our eggs in the LinkedIn basket. In particular, our email newsletter continued to drive valuable traffic our way and the disruption was relatively minor.

In hindsight, we were saved by the fact that we had spent years building an audience (our email list), that was immune to outside pressures (like an algorithm change.

This week, we spoke to Vivek Khandelwal from iZooto about how his team is helping marketers reduce their dependence on Big Tech, liked we did with our newsletters, through the power of owned audience marketing.

If you want to learn about how you can protect your business from potentially disastrous algorithm changes, give the interview a listen👇

You can check out iZooto’s kickass product over here👉 https://www.izooto.com/

And you can check out their podcast over here👉 https://www.izooto.com/podcast/own-thy-audience-series

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