Another week rolls by and our commitment to building the most frictionless lead generation experience continues. This week, we decided to tackle one of the hairiest types of lead info on the internet: Location Data.

Specifically, we are releasing the Geolocation AutoSuggest UI to make it as easy as possible for prospects to share location data with marketers.

What is the Geolocation AutoSuggest Feature?

You know when you start typing a location in Google Maps and a dropdown appears giving you suggestions?

The Geolocation AutoSuggest feature allows you to do the exact same thing but in chatbots.

You can try it out by clicking HERE

Why is this important?

Collecting location data is a key aspect of the lead generation process for a variety of services. Many of Tars’ earliest creators for example used chatbots for booking at-home services like cleaning, manicures, and TV installation. The issue with collecting location data, however, is that it is often a high-friction process. Addresses need to be absolutely correct or bot creators and their clients might find themselves in the wrong location.

In the past, to reduce this friction , Tars bot creators largely relied on the Map-based geolocation finder that has been a part of the builder since its inception:

But even this input UI had its limitations. Specifically, it was contingent the user physically being in the location they want to send to the bot which isn’t always the case.

By allowing users to type out an address with the new autosuggest feature users can more easily share an accurate location, thus reducing friction and increasing the likelihood of them completing a conversation.

How can you use this feature?

As always, we’ve got you covered with a delightfully helpful help doc: