Speaking with hundreds of TARS users, we notice several trends in how people use our products. Some of these trends are mildly interesting and we might pause to give them a moment’s thought. Others however, catch our imagination and make us dedicate weeks on end to explore their potential.

One such trend is that of Quiz bots.

What is a Quiz Bot?

The concept of a quiz bot is pretty simple. The bot asks the user a few questions (generally about an interesting topic), tells the users when they are right and when they are wrong, and then once the quiz is done, it calculates a score!

It might seem like such a use case has niche appeal. People in the media space, whose job it is to entertain their customers could see value out of a quiz bot, but past this who else would need such a bot? Think of Buzzfeed type quizzes.

Surprisingly, we found that such quiz bots have immense potential for non-entertainment related businesses as well. TARS users are making Quiz bots for promotional campaigns, employee training, lead generation, the whole gamut. The more we thought about it, the more we fell in love with the idea. The fit that quizzes and bots have is natural, regardless of what industry you are in.

Quiz Bots mean more engagement

If you read our past articles, you will find that we really stress the engagement value a bot offers.

“Engagement” is perhaps the most valuable resource a business can tap into.

If you are trying to get leads, higher engagement translates into more conversions. If you are an HR manager trying to conduct an internal policy workshop, engagement means better educated employees.

Of course, to see this engagement, users need to click on your bot. If you have a bot replacing a lead generation form for example, you will increase your conversion rate but not necessarily the number of people who actually click on your form.

This is where quizzes come into picture.

People do not click on lead generation forms or employee training modules because they are boring. Replacing the interface with that of a bot will make the process significantly more engaging, but nonetheless, filling out your email, name and phone number into any interface is still a boring prospect for most. Taking a quiz on the other hand offers the promise of a pleasurable experience to which you would willingly subject yourself. Thus, people will be more willing to click on a quiz bot than they would a normal lead generation bot.

While the idea is still nascent, it is not without some legitimate backing. Consider the case of Buzzfeed. Today, they might be a sprawling media empire, that does everything from cooking tutorials to serious news. But, until a few years back, they were probably known for their fun quizzes that told you which Harry Potter character you were. In fact, as a millennial myself, I must admit that I am still prone to clicking on Buzzfeed quizzes that come across my feed (even if with some amount of guilt).

Now you must be wondering, how you can reconcile a quiz with something as serious as lead generation or employee training? Well, here is our proposal.

If you are considering making a chatbot with serious subject matter, try to add a short quiz at the beginning which ties into your aim. At the end of the bot, once the user is satisfied, you can ask them for the details that you wish to, or better yet integrate your actual subject matter into the quiz itself. The result will be not only greater engagement but also greater traffic.

Of course, rather than telling you about the value a Quizbot can offer you, we have built a couple of bots for hypothetical use cases to show you the value.

Take a look and let us know what you think.

Use case 1: Re-engaging cold leads

Check out this quiz bot to re-engage cold leads — https://tourism.hellotars.com/conv/S1tXBb/

You have a list of potential leads that have gone cold. Instead of emailing them a free coupon(as you regularly might)- send them a quiz bot.

It will certainly stand out amongst all the other promotional emails and not in a bad way.

Check out this bot which illustrates this — https://tourism.hellotars.com/conv/S1tXBb/

Use case 2: Employee Training

Check out this quiz bot to engage employees — https://neo.hellotars.com/conv/BJTH7b/

New company policy is made, and your employees NEED to learn it. But they hate the regular quiz modules with their awful UI and copious, text-heavy pages. Try turning the module into a quiz.

The experience will certainly be more enjoyable, and your employees might actually remember what the policy is.

Check out this bot which illustrates this — https://neo.hellotars.com/conv/BJTH7b/

Wondering how to make a Quiz Bot? Here is a quick video that explains how to make a quiz bot in Tars Bot builder :