When a person comes over and talks to your Tars Bot, you get a mail notification about this conversation but only if she completed the whole conversation. Completing the conversation means she reached to the gambit with End Conversation input type :

This is what the email notification looks like currently —

And these emails get stacked up against each other in the same thread in most of the email clients(Gmail etc). This is what it would look like :

Now we have been hearing two pain points in particular from our users around how email notifications are structured at present :

  1. I miss out the conversations where the user left midway during the chat. These chats are there in my dashboard but I’d want to have them in real time in my inbox.
  2. My leads/chats/interactions get stacked against each other and it becomes tough to keep a track of them.

And today we are releasing two new updates in our Email notifications to make them smarter and more helpful for you.

1. Email notifications for all chats

Until today, you were getting email notifications only for those chats where users reached the end of the chat flow and not for those where they dropped midway during the chat.

From now on, you will be getting emails for every conversation that any user is having with your bot.

If user completes the whole chat, the email would look the same as before.

If user has not completed the whole chat, we have now designed an intelligent system which figures out if the user has left the chat midway or has been inactive for a long time. Then it triggers you an email with all the chat data till that point.

And if this user comes back to the same chat later and completes the whole conversation this time, you will get another email and this will stack up in the same thread.

Why this matters :

  • Think about it, if you have a lead generation bot and some one fills out their email but closes the conversation before they can give you their other details, you could still use the email to follow up right away. You’d have otherwise just lost this lead.
  • You can analyse how people have been interacting with your chat workflow and act on it. Things like where do most of the users drop, what kind of questions they are asking, what path do most users take and much more. For instance, if a significant number of people drop at a point where you ask for their email address, you might want to move that question later in the conversation so that they are more comfortable giving that information.

2. Every interaction with a person will be on a different mail thread

Every email will have a unique identifier at the end of the subject line so that each chat is separate in itself.

Why this matters :

  • Bot conversations with different people won’t get mixed up on the same mail thread. You will be able to better track, label and organise each interaction with a person separately.
  • Now we are structuring all the information that is collected based on People. Real people who interact with your Bot. Rather than based on data format. This way you are more focused on serving your user/customers better and creating value for them.

What’s next

We are learning on what’s the best experience for you with these email notifications and will be making iterations to this regularly. We understand that there is a thin line between the right email and one which has no value. A few things we have in mind to implement in future :

  • Give an option to configure if you want all the emails or just the ones where users reached till the end of the chat.
  • Ability to configure at what point you’d like to get an email. For instance you might want to get a notification only if the user has shared his phone number, otherwise not.