At Tars, we are firm believers in the use of non-text elements in messaging flows. Gifs, videos and images make conversations a more engaging experience and improve user experience. For this reason, we are making it easier for bot creators to integrate a key type of non-text elements in their conversational flows. The Tars builder now has an emoji picker, which allows creators to quickly and easily add emojis into bot messages. 💥😮

What is the emoji picker?

We are now give Tars Chatbot creators a panel within the builder where they can choose emoji to insert from hundreds of awesome choices 😀

How does it work?

Accessing the emoji picker can be done by hovering over a message bubble within the gambit and clicking on the smiley face emoji which appears on the right side of the bubble:

The search bar within accepts regular english expressions and will try to find the best match for your query:

Why is this important?

As I mentioned earlier, non-text elements make conversational flows more engaging. Higher engagement means a lower drop rate and a higher conversion rate. If that’s not a a good incentive then I don’t know what else is.😋