Have you heard of Google Duplex?

If not, here is the basic idea. At Google’s annual developer conference this year, Google revealed a crazy new feature called Google Duplex. Using this, Google Assistant can call businesses for you to make restaurant reservations, book hair salon appointments etc.

They showed some demos on stage, and I honestly could not tell which voice was the human, and which was the assistant.


Anyways, as cool as that was, there is an even cooler Google feature which relates to TARS Chatbots and is officially being released today.

Are you EXCITED!!!!!


I’ll assume you are screaming the word Yes repeatedly

If your answer was in fact yes, then today is your lucky day. Because TARS is officially launching Google Analytics Integration.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a service which can be integrated into your website to track and report traffic.

How can I integrate Google Analytics into my bot?

This swift TARS help doc has you covered!! Check it out: http://help.hellotars.com/configure/tracking-your-chatbot-in-google-analytics

Why you should care about Tars-Google Analytics Integration?

Google Analytics is a pretty neat tool. This integration will allow you t0 :

– track people chatting with your bot
– see how many people interacted with the bot, where they are coming from, how much time they are spending, what device they are using and what not
– set events in Google Analytics to track lead conversions

Pretty cool right! Let us know what you think about it.