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Do you remember them? Back when Leo looked like this :

I remember them…

They were a dark time. A bleak time. A time before smartphones, before giphy, and worst of all before bots.

A young me sat staring aimlessly at the family Acer desktop, running Windows Millennium on a pentium 4 chip and 256 mb RAM, messaging my friends and family commands on MSN messenger to no avail.

Me: Hey Siri, book me an Uber!

Friend: No… and what’s an Uber?

Me: :’(

Friend: Also who the hell is Siri?


Three things got me through that darkness : Tinkle comics, O’Reilly Programming Textbooks and Clippy — the Office assistant (I was a strange kid)

Today’s newsletter is an homage to those three fountains of hope.

1. Tinkle Comics

If you have read these comics you will know how amazing they are. These comics made it easy to forget the darkness. This bot, is our way of paying tribute to them :


2. O’Reilly Books

O’Reilly textbooks used to give me hope that one day I would be able to code my way to a better future. Did I actually crack one open and read it? No. But damn those cover drawings of the animals were inspiring.

Make your own O’Reilly cover with our tribute to the O’Reilly Textbook with this bot :


3. Clippy (RIP)

What can I say about Clippy that has not been said before? Annoying? Yes. Useful? Not really. My best friend? Absolutely.

This one is for you buddy. You are missed :’(


Check ’em out.


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