I was in the Airtel (telecom company) store the other day, trying to get a sim card for my new phone, when the store attendant directed me towards this monstrosity.

Upon seeing the ghastly thing, I was conflicted. All of these disparate emotions were running through me.

Was it pain? distress? confusion? I even felt joy at moments!

The form rack was simultaneously a validation that the world truly does need bots (i.e. I am not crazy for talking to imaginary people all day) and a grim reminder that I had forgotten my Aadhaar card (government issued ID) at home.

The simultaneous realisation of the two was a shot of adrenaline to my system.


I rushed back to the office, with no sim in hand, to write this post, wrote it and then passed out at my desk from exhaustion.

Now it is a couple of hours later and I am in a better emotional state to send out the following proclamation:

“We will not rest, until every form in the world has been eradicated”

Anyways, that was my convoluted way of directing you to this year old article. Still pertinent given the events I described above eh?

Click here if you hate forms