The most common complaint we hear when we ask people about their experience with chatbots is “they suck because they always make mistakes.”  This is undoubtedly true. We’ve all interacted with at least one chatbot that has said “sorry I can’t answer that question yet.”

But what if I told you that these sorts of errors are actually a good thing!

A few weeks back I spoke with Shane Mac, SVP of Marketing and Partnerships at Conversocial, and Shane introduced me to the idea of using “errors as intelligence.”

The basic logic goes something like this. Errors are basically your customers’ way of telling you what services you should offer. Every time your chatbot fails to give them what they want, that’s your bot telling you what you should include for the next customer.

Cool insight huh?

Well, if you want to learn more awesome chatbot design tips like that one, listen to our interview with Shane above.

In this podcast, you will learn…

👉How you can use your chatbot’s mistakes to improve UX
👉What the future of voice assistants will look like
👉Apple’s magical chatbot experience that no one is talking about
👉The fundamental difference between websites and chatbots
👉Why errors are a chatbot’s superpower

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