Believe it or not but we don’t think that chatbots can outperform human agents. Rather, we think that chatbots can supplement human agents. The basic principle behind this thinking is that chatbots can handle the mundane, repetitive queries and processes (e.g. FAQs and lead capture), while human agents can do what they do best and handle the more complex processes and queries that customers send in.

Through our new Zendesk Live Chat integration, chatbots will be able to hand complex conversations off to human agents instantly.

Here’s everything you need to know about it👇

What is the Zendesk Live Chat Integration

The Zendesk Live Chat Integration allows your chatbots to seamlessly hand conversations off to a live agent in your Zendesk account.

It is important to note that the conversation is not redirected into a Zendesk interface but rather occurs right within the TARS chat ensuring a frictionless experience for the customer.

Why is the Zendesk Live Chat integration Important

Don’t get us wrong. 

For the ~70% of customer service interactions that consist of FAQs and basic lead generation, chatbots can get the job done.

For the remaining 30% of cases, where the customer needs to be stepped through a complex process, a human being needs to step in.

Traditionally, we have achieved this sort of chatbot-human collaboration in our chatbots by handing chat data off to human agents through email notifications. The downside of this approach is that there is potential for the interaction to go cold because email responses often take hours to dispatch.

With the addition of the Zendesk Live Chat integration, chatbots can now trigger the handoff instantly within the chat so that customers with complex requirements do not need to wait for an email to pick up the conversation.

How do you use the Zendesk Live Chat Integration

Funny you should ask that because we have created an entire help doc and video on the topic which you can check out over here: