WhatsApp Ebook


WhatsApp chatbots are an engaging alternative to traditional webpages. They take all of the reading and form-filling and they transform it into conversations, and people love conversations. Learn all why what and how around WhatsApp Chatbots!

What's inside this WhatsApp Chatbot Ebook

  • The hype around WhatsApp Chatbots
  • What is a WhatsApp Chatbot
  • WhatsApp Chatbot use cases
  • How to build a WhatsApp Chatbot
  • How you can bring your customers to a WhatsApp Chatbot

What our customers say 💬

  • Michael Kupfer
    — Michael Kupfer, Director of Marketing, Harvard Business Solutions
    Tars team is very responsive and pleasant to work with. They actively recommend ways to improve performance and utilize the chatbot platform in additional ways. The chatbot builder UI is simple to use and the chatbots themselves are easy to launch and modify.

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