Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that chatbots are red hot in the digital marketing space. As someone who has built over chatbots over the last 2 years, I can positively say that the most of this hype is bullshit. People are jumping onto the chatbot bandwagon not because they understand the value the technology offers them, but rather because they don’t want to miss out on a trend. At it’s core, however, the technology offers marketers, a real value. The killer app for Chatbots is PPC Lead Generation. Here are four reasons why your PPC landing page should be a chatbot:

1. Higher User Engagement

On a traditional PPC landing page, businesses expect customers to read testimonials and fill out forms:

The traditional landing page which AD used was unengaging

Your customers do not have the attention span for an experience like this. With Instagram a few taps away, customers want to be engaged the minute they land on your site.


Having a chatbot on site does just this. The back-and-forth nature of a chat means that information is presented to customers in a continuous stream of bite-sized chunks, ready for consumption.

ppc chatbot

2. Mobile Optimized right out of the box

One of the bigger PPC landing page builder services out there suggests this as a good landing page template:

traditional landing page instapage

Notice how the mobile version is almost completely covered by a form. This is because traditional landing pages are primarily made for desktops and laptops. Their mobile versions are cramped after-thoughts, unworthy of your customers eyes.

Chat interfaces however, were built first and foremost for the mobile screens. Ever since the days of WhatsApp running on old Symbian phones, the paradigm of message bubbles has reigned supreme on small screens. Put simply, the most intuitive way to interact with one’s phone is through chat.

3. The WhatsApp effect


Every landing page is slightly different from every other landing page. While the general template remains the same, minor aspects like color, element placement, and branding change completely. This means that when a customer reaches your landing page, they have to figure out where everything is.

where is everything

Everyone from your grandmother to your 10 year old niece uses text messaging apps like WhatsApp and Messenger. This means that if your landing page is a chatbot, customers will know exactly what to do, the second the page loads.

4. Money

This final advantage of a chatbot PPC landing page is a culmination of the previous three. Higher engagement, mobile optimization, and familiarity all point to a better user experience.

A better user experience means a lower bounce rate, higher conversion rate, and lower cost per lead. In other words, more money for you and your business to thrive.