As with most technologies, the conversational landing pages are only as good as their implementation. Put simply, if you build a bad conversational landing page, you will get bad results.

Take Siri as an example. When Siri was first released, there was a lot of hype around it. But the poor state of voice recognition and NLP at the time meant that it didn’t take long for Siri to gain a reputation for incompetence which it is still trying to shake off today. Seriously, no matter how good Siri gets, I think that everyone will still make fun of how bad it is.

To prevent this same fate for conversational landing pages, we are trying to figure out the best way to teach the world of marketers the art of conversational design. Our latest attempt is this video in which we show you how to transform a landing page from the legal industry into a conversational landing page. Let us know what you think and whether you’d be interested in more videos like this over HERE

I’d highly suggest that you watch our previous landing page teardown on Personal Injury lawyers to see a more detailed version of what is wrong with such landing pages.