I’ve noticed a deep contradiction in the way banks sell products.

On the one hand, they offer unique, personalized in-person experiences when you physically go into the bank branch, and on the other, they use dull uninspired lead generation experiences that look like they’ve come straight from the DMV to convert people into customers through online channels.

This week we contemplated an ideal middle ground between the two channels that uses conversational landing pages to make the online buying experience for Credit Cards feel more like the in-person human interactions of the bank branch.

In our experience, using this approach can help boost conversion rates by 2-3x and sustainably increase the amount of revenue that banks can generate through online channels. Here’s the full story.

The Problem

When prospects click onto landing pages for credit cards they are greeted with pages that look like this 👇

On the surface, this landing page doesn’t look too bad. It relies on text, images, and forms to capture leads like 90% of the other landing pages on the web, so how bad could it really be?

Quite bad it turns out!

Traditional landing pages suck at lead generation and it doesn’t take rocket stage to figure out why.

Social media and messaging have conditioned your prospects to crave dopamine and your landing page isn’t giving it to them.

Reading about APR’s and loyalty points and filling out a seemingly never-ending lead capture form just aren’t engaging and the end result is a low conversion rate, wasted money and the soul-crushing feeling of helplessness that plagues marketers the world over.

The Solution

We looked at the way in-person credit card sales take place in physical bank branches and came up with the idea of using conversational landing pages for online lead generation.

Conversational landing pages transform your otherwise dull online presence into an engaging two-way interaction between prospects and your company.

In doing so, they make the lead generation experience feel more like the dopamine-fueled apps that prospects flee to when they close your page.

The end result is fewer prospects dropping and a conversion rate that is 2-3x higher than the average traditional landing page.


Conversational landing pages are an effective way for banks to improve the credit card buying experience. For prospects, they transform online lead generation from a dull process that involves reading blocks of text and filling out forms into an engaging conversation that feels like you are in a bank branch and for marketers, they are a tool to boost marketing efficiency and drive more business.

If you are interested in using conversational landing pages in your credit card marketing campaign check out our full guide explaining how you can create a high-converting conversational landing page of your own.