Most people view stress as a mere inconvenience of daily life, but research suggests that stress has a real, adverse impact on our ability to make responsible decisions.

For example, if a loved one is sick and needs a live-in nurse the responsible course of action is to do the research and hire a nurse ASAP, but the stress of the situation invariably results in procrastination. As a marketer, this makes lead generation extremely tricky. Capturing user attention for non-essential services is hard enough, but getting a stressed-out prospect to read through your landing page and fill out a form is a Herculean task, to say the least. This is where conversational landing pages come into the picture. By restructuring the lead generation process as a conversation, they reduce the friction in the lead gen process and as a result increase conversion rate and lower cost per lead. Here’s the full story.

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The Problem

Traditional CRO is just not made for healthcare marketing. Whether it’s reducing form fields or adding exit popups, most of the CRO best practices that you find on the internet are minor iterations on web design that don’t do much to reduce friction in the lead generation process. The end result is a buyer journey that is littered with landing pages that look like this:

On the surface, this landing page looks pretty standard. People who land on it read the text and fill out the lead capture form to generate a lead. But have you ever stopped to consider whether this is a good way of generating leads? Both reading and form filling are cognitively taxing processes. We all know how to read a block of text or fill out a form,  but neither of them gives us the instant gratification that we are conditioned to crave. Factor in the high-stress levels I was talking about earlier, and the likelihood of a prospect converting on a landing page like the one above fall significantly. This is why conversion rates in the healthcare industry are consistently below 5%.

The Solution

Conversational Landing Pages are a radical new take on the way the lead generation experience should function. They transform unengaging processes like reading and form-filling into a conversation:

At any given stage of the conversation, the prospect has to read a few messages at max. Additionally, for every detail they provide the page rewards them with the visual stimulation of new message bubbles popping up on-screen. Most importantly, however, the page takes away the hassle of choosing what to do next. The bot tells the prospect exactly what they have to do at every stage, thus reducing the amount of thought required to complete the lead gen process and makes the entire process a lot easier to complete. The culmination of these advantages is an engaging lead generation process with 2-3x higher conversion rates than the industry average.