The new season of WestWorld released last Sunday and as with every other HBO show, it sent the TARS tech team into a state of frenzy. Of course, this too involved a lot of cowboy costumes and a harebrained idea to pivot the company away from the Chatbot Builder Tool.

So here is what happened.

I pop into the office yesterday and Vinit(from tech team) is dressed full cowboy garb, boots, hat, vest, the whole shebang.

He looks quite agitated, so I ask him what he was up to. In response he mumbles something about the “limitations of the bicamarel mind,” and continues fidgeting with the ethernet cables in the corner of the office. Curious as to what that is, I follow up asking him if he was talking about a new design theme in the builder or a new distribution feature.

This did not please him.

He sat down across from me, poured himself a drink.

And then he curtly informed me that we no longer had time to build “such petty delights,” because he was working on a new project called TARSworld.

TARSworld, as he describes it is:

pretty much like WestWorld except all the androids in TARSworld are designed with a Quadcameral Mind instead of the normal Bicameral Mind from WestWorld. This allows them to see the world in a much deeper way than any one human being can possibly see. It’s like all the consciousness that ever existed is collated into one single conscious entity which recursively refers to itself.

Anyways after hours of negotiation and several fake gun duels, we arrived at a reasonable compromise: the TARS WordPress Plugin, an ideal balance between a practical feature and the promise of humanoid robots with immense cognitive capabilities.

What is it?

If you have a WordPress website, you might know that you can integrate it with other services through plugins. Today, we announce our own plugin to make the process of integrating TARS bots into your WordPress site easier.

How is this beneficial?

You will no longer have to tinker around with the code on your WordPress website to integrate the TARS chatbot widget.

How can you use this new feature?

Check out this help doc —

And here is direct link to the plugin —

Anyhow, that’s all for today. Let us know any thoughts you might have about this new feature or the new season of WestWorld.