Over the past few months, people have used TARS to create some amazing bots. We feel that these bots deserved to be seen by more people, so here is a weekly roundup of 4 bots that caught our eye. Who knows maybe they will give you inspiration for your next bot?

Here they are in no particular order:

Puzzle bot

Have you ever done a puzzle over chat? Turns out it is really fun. This bot shows how bots can be used to create engaging and fun experiences for users that maybe you could harness in your business. After all no one likes a boring conversation.

Pinnacle Parkour Academy

Bots are cool. But you know what is cooler? Parkour. This bot by the Pinnacle Parkour academy allows you to find out more about what they do and even express interest in parkour training. What is particularly cool about this bot is the way it directs you into completely different flows depending on your level of prior knowledge about the company. A promotions bot, a lead generation bot and an information bot all in one.

Serious MD

SeriousMD offers practice management software to make the lives of doctors easier. Like with the parkour bot, SeriousMD’s bot creates different flows for different users. In this bot however, users are given flows based on what sort of customers they are. This is a great way to customise a bot for each individual customer.


Legal Pundits has created a simple lead generation bot. What truly stands out about their bot is the gem at the end. The bot ends with a quick story that makes the user feel that much more special. A great touch to an already simple bot.