Google Ads cost per click in the Personal Injury Law Space are astronomically high. Firms often pay in excess of $200 for each visitor that Google sends their way. To put this cost into perspective here’s some basic retail math. For the cost of 5 visitors (i.e. $1000+ dollars) you can buy a Macbook. Or worse still, for about 200 visitors (i.e. $40,000+) you could by a Tesla Model 3. Within such an expensive marketing landscapre, legal marketers need to maximize ROI on their adspend. The best way to do this is by increasing their landing page conversion rate. By increasing the proportion of prospective clients that actually schedule a consultation once they click on an ad, Personal Injury law firms can increase the number of leads they generate on the same adspend. This, in turn, results in a lower average cost per lead and a better value for money on adspend (i.e. maximum ROI). So how can personal injury law firms change their landing pages to achieve this jump in ROI? By making them conversational.

Conversational Landing Pages are more engaging than traditional landing pages.

Running on the philosophy that less is more, they engage users with the least amount of text possible and capture leads at rates that are 2-3x higher than traditional landing pages. Here’s the full story:

The Problem

The average Personal Injury Law Firm Landing Page is covered in content. The one below for example packs in verbose blocks of text, an explainer video, a form, a live chat and a click-to-call CTA all into a single page.

When a prospective client lands on such a page, it takes them a few seconds to find their bearings and even once they do, the sheer amount of information on the page causes them to skim over the content, rather than give it the time and effort that it deserves. With attention spans at an all time low, it is truly unsurprising why such landing pages induce the vast majority of prospects to drop from the page without converting. The end result is a poor conversion rate and hundreds, even thousands, of wasted clicks.

The Solution

Conversational Landing Pages look like this:

All the client sees once they click on the Ad is a chatbot that captures their contact info and queries. The text is shown in small, easily digestible bits that  and rather than presenting an ugly looking form the bot captures lead info through a conversation:

Since the text at any given stage of the conversation is no longer than a few tweets, clients aren’t overloaded with information and will actually read everything you send their way. Additionally, the shift from a lead capture form to a conversation makes the actual lead capture process feel more engaging and results in a higher conversion rate.


In Personal Injury Law marketing, high friction results in low conversion rates and wasted money. Conversational Landing Pages could serve as the solution. By re-imagining traditional web interactions as a chat, they provide an engaging lead generation experience that converts at rates that are 2-3x higher than regular landing pages. If you are interested in seeing exactly how you can create a conversational landing page like this, check out our full guide over HERE