You read that right. A fashion company. A company that does fashion things.

This past week at the TARS team retreat, we were having an innocuous meeting looking at slides with meaningless acronyms and talking about synergy, when we struck proverbial gold.

The idea…

I remember it clear as day. Vinit, from the tech team, had asked me to pass him some food from across the room (footage below), when it hit me.

What if… instead of doing something as conventional as bots, we shifted our focus to something new. Something that nobody, and I really mean NOBODY, is doing yet:


Why it makes sense?

Think about it. The number of bots in the world is on the rise but no one is building fashion for them. Is there such a thing as GAP for bots? No. Levis? Nike? Adidas? Any form of athleisure?


This is a market ripe for the taking and we are seizing the opportunity.

What this means for the TARS bot builder?

Now I know what you must be thinking. “How will I build bots now that TARS has pivoted to bot fashion?”

Have no fear young grasshopper. We are continuing to develop the builder. We intend to control the bot fashion market completely.

That means controlling the supply (i.e. the clothes we stitch), but also the demand (i.e. the bots that you create).

(Re)launch party?

To kick off this new new chapter in our company’s history we are inviting you to check out the first ever bot fashion show. Hosted of course, by a bot. Check it out below.

How can I try out these clothes for my bot?

We haven’t actually gotten our supply chain in place so we can’t ship you the actual clothes yet.


For now, you can at least make it look like your bot is wearing the actual clothes.

Here is how:

1. Open up the bot to whom you want to gift the clothes and open up the Design section.

2. Click on the Pick a theme button and choose the colour combination that you like.

3. Hit save in the bottom left and deploy your bot.

Your bot will display the colours that you chose.

Though I will say, the final stitched version looks much better. So do stay tuned for when we ship those out.


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