Conversion rates throughout the digital marketing world are at an all-time low. As attention spans become shorter and prospects get desensitized from conventional marketing channels, marketers face an uphill battle while generating leads through digital channels. To get around this problem we propose a simple, but radical solution.

Make your landing pages more conversational.

Conversational Landing Pages provide an experience that feels more human than a traditional landing page and consequently allow you to capture a greater share of your prospects’ attention. Put simply, if you are having trouble converting your traffic into high-quality leads, conversational landing pages could be the customer service and CRO tool that increases your conversion rate by 2x.

But there is a catch! And it is a pretty big catch as far as catches go!

Like with all new marketing technologies, the effectiveness of a conversational landing page is wholly contingent on how well you implement it. This poses marketers with a unique problem.

Conversational landing pages can help you increase your conversion rate, but designing them requires a highly specialized skillset that most marketers don’t possess.

To help you get around this problem we conducted a webinar with the folks over at VWO to get you caught up with everything you need to know about conversational landing pages before you get started with them.

Check it out below: