What does it take to run a successful SaaS startup?

Lots of funding? A high valuation? 

That’s what most people think, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be the case.

Since 2017, TARS has been part of the Upekkha Catalyst Accelerator, a startup accelerator at the forefront of the ValueSaaS movement, which aims to build capital-efficient SaaS startups that are not overly dependent on venture capital.

As the accelerator gears up for its next cohort (which you can apply for here), we spoke with Prasanna Krishnamoorthy, a partner at the accelerator about his thoughts on the State of SaaS.

Even if you aren’t in the SaaS space, Prasanna shares some valuable frameworks that you can deploy in your business regardless of industry, so I highly recommend that you give it a listen.

What you’ll learn

👉What is ValueSaaS

👉What is VanitySaaS (spoiler alert it’s the opposite of ValueSaaS)

👉How you can understand your customer’s needs better

👉A framework for you can approach crises like COVID-19

Important Resources

First and foremost here’s the application for Upekkha’s next cohort (I highly recommend that you apply)

Next, here’s the Upekkha’s ValueSaaS Basecamp Guide that Prasanna mentioned. A valuable resource if you want to learn more about ValueSaaS as a movement

Here’s Prasanna explaining in more detail what the Business Hierarchy of Needs:

Also check out Simon Wardley’s thread about the Isolation Economy if you want to learn more about how COVID has changed the business landscape.

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