Your mortgage landing page is unintuitive and it’s costing you leads.💸

In this guide, we explain how chatbots can help solve this problem.🤖

The Familiarity Problem

One of the biggest issues with traditional web pages is that they all look different from each other.

Every single website that you land on has a different color scheme, branding, and layout.

This variability is great in a lot of ways! A good web developer can use the versatility of basic HTML, CSS, Javascript pages to create online experiences that are practically works of art, but it also creates friction in the lead generation process.

Since every page looks different from one another, customers have to figure out where everything is before they can start navigating their way around.  Now I know what a lot of you guys are thinking. 

Most people know how websites work so it really won’t take users that much time to find their bearings right?

Yes, but it’s still an issue.

Even if this process takes a few seconds, that is precious attention being wasted. 

With attention spans as low as they are today, even a few seconds can be the difference between a paying customer and a dropped visitor. 

The Conversational Solution

Chatbots are the solution

They rely on an interface (the chat interface) that is ubiquitous in modern life. Chat apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Viber, and even regular old texting have become the default way that billions of people in the world communicate with one another to the point where more people use chat apps than social media today.

messaging vs social media usage

This means that when you use a conversational landing page instead of a regular landing page to conduct online sales, your customers are going to know exactly how to proceed with the interaction instantly.

They no longer have to waste precious time familiarizing themselves with your page and can begin the buyer journey quicker, thus giving you a larger share of their attention.

The end result: a higher conversion rate.