Another week, another bot roundup. Check out some of our favourite bots from this week in no particular order:


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QAInsights is a website run by NaveenKumar Namachivayam, a product tester at Infosys and an avid blogger. His bot acts as a way for his readers to get in touch with him. By using a bot, NaveenKumar creates a level of intimacy with his reader where a contact form couldn’t. Further still, this bot reveals that conversational technology can be used for much more than marketing and lead generation.

When used effectively, like in the case of QAInsights, bots can be used by independent bloggers and journalists to interact with their communities in a personal way and at a scale which would be otherwise humanly unfeasible.

Stacy Brookman

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Stacy Brookman helps ordinary people write about their extraordinary lives. Her bot informs visitors about a webinar in which people can learn how to complete writing the first chapter in their life story in just 7 days.

Rather than having a pop up that would disrupt the experience of new visitors who do not know about Stacy’s service yet, the webinar advert sits hidden away in the Tars widget at the bottom of her homepage. For repeat visitors who might actually be interested in the webinar on the other hand, the addition of a widget in the bottom right would be apparent and pass on the message. Further still, the bot collects the user information so that after interested users express their interest they can close the widget and continue with what they originally set out to do.

Iris Holidays

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Iris holidays is an award winning travel agent from Kerala, India. Their bot collects a potential customer’s travel preferences and email so that Iris team can create a custom travel plan and follows up on email. What we particularly like about this bot is the thought put into the user response options.

Take the 7th gambit of their conversation as an example. Over here, Iris asks the user what sort of hotel they like. They could have used a simple star rating system to indicate how nice a hotel the user might want but instead they used buttons. In doing so, their bot provides users options outside of the simple 5-star scale that could increase their likelihood of continuing the conversation. Imagine if a user who was still a little unsure about their preferences reached a star rating system instead of the buttons in that gambit, they might be put off by the idea of immediate commitment and move out of the bot. Since Iris provides an option for uncertain users, there is a higher chance that this sort of user continues with the flow and completes the bot conversation.