LASIK marketing is a notoriously high-friction business. Even though LASIK is widely-accepted as a low-risk, the average patient has an irrational fear of undergoing the procedure and often drops from a LASIK landing page before scheduling a consultation. For LASIK practices, this has a real monetary cost.

As a medical service discovery moves online, LASIK practices are forced to spend tens of thousands of dollars on digital ads each month to generate leads. This means that every uncertain patient that drops from a LASIK landing page without scheduling a consultation is wasted money. Most medical marketers in the space have accepted this as an inevitable and insurmountable cost of doing business. We, however, take a different approach. Working with several clients in the medical marketing space we’ve found that conversational landing pages reassure uncertain prospects, boost their conversion rate by 2-3x, drop cost per lead by 50% and maximize the ROI on their adspend. Check out our full explanation below:

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The Problem

The underlying philosophy behind traditional LASIK landing pages is simple. Give patients as much necessary information as possible to make them convert (in the form of text, images, coupons and of course a form to capture their contact info), and they’ll willingly schedule a consultation.

At a conceptual level, the traditional way of thinking about landing pages is novel, but in practice, it fails miserably.

No one likes reading, everyone is desensitized from the allure of stock images, and forms are arguably the most boring human creation on earth. Worse still, all of these elements are united by an unshakable feeling of impersonality that exacerbates the base level of uncertainty that all patients have when considering the pro. People simply will not initiate the process of getting a medical procedure unless they feel certain, and given that they don’t have the attention span to read, there is little chance of alleviating that uncertainty through a traditional landing page. Call-based lead generation fixes some of these problems, but the cost associated with maintaining a 24-hour call center cancels out much of these benefits. The end result is that if you are a LASIK surgeon, your landing page is tanking your conversion rate and bleeding your adspend dry.

The Solution

Conversational Landing Pages are an effective solution. They function on the basic principle that less is more, so when a prospective patient clicks on a Google Ad they don’t see a wall of text images and form fields. Rather, they see this:

The whole landing page is a chat with a chatbot that captures leads and user queries. Text is shown in bite-sized chunks that are no longer than a few tweets and rather than being confronted with a whole form at once, each field is interspersed with the visual stimulation of new message bubbles popping up on the screen:

Since the interaction is structured as a chat, prospects have to read only a few tweets worth of text at each stage of the conversation, thus preventing information overload. Further still, if implemented properly, the conversational approach makes patients feel like they are speaking to an expert right from the time they click on the ad, thus diminishing the uncertainty which otherwise results in a poor conversion rate.


For LASIK practices, high-friction and uncertainty in the marketing buyer journey results in low conversion rates and wasted ad spend. Conversational Landing Pages are the solution. By recasting traditional web interactions as a chat, they provide an engaging lead generation experience that converts at rates that are 2-3x higher than regular landing pages.

If you want to build a conversational landing page for your LASIK practice, check out our full guide over HERE.