Whether you are looking to buy a house🏡, car🚗 or even a piece of machinery🏭 for your business, there’s a good chance that you are going to be taking out a loan to make the purchase💰

Unfortunately, between the forms and long wait times, the process of applying for loans across all of these categories is terrible🤢

We collected the best lending chatbots🤖 from around the TARS ecosystem to show you guys that there is a better way👇

The Flamboyant One💃

One of the biggest issues with loan applications is that the forms are just downright boring😴

This chatbot solves that problem! It makes great use of icons and emoji to make an otherwise mundane lead gen experience feel feel engaging⚡

The Lead Qualification Wizard🧙‍♂️

When you are selling financial products like loans, conversion rate isn’t the only metric that you track🎯

A good loan marketer also scrutinizes their leads for quality 💎 , only following up with those leads that are good candidates for the loans🤝

This chatbot shows how lenders can boost their lead quality through conversational lead capture 📈

The Informative One🤓

We’ve found that in the financial services space in general, people want information before they convert!📖

Intuitively this makes sense🤔

If you are looking for a loan, you aren’t really going to apply if you don’t know anything about the lender🤵 because for all you know the person on the other end could be a literal crocodile 🐊 looking to steal your money to buy a lifetime supply of fish🐟

This chatbot shows how, lenders can ensure the highest possible leadgen conversion rate by keeping prospects well-informed about the steps they’ll have to go through to get a loan

The Multimedia Expert🎥

A lot of companies don’t know this, but chatbots do NOT need to be plain text!🤯

Your bots can, and in fact should, be sending a lot of amazing rich media📺 (like gifs and videos) to spice up the lead gen process✨

This chatbot, for example, shows how a simple lead gen process can be turned into an user engagement masterpiece🎨 with some simple gif magic📷

BEFORE YOU LEAVE! I have an offer for you 🎁

Drop a link to your website/landing page URLs in the comments👇 if you want us to turn it into a chatbot template and Tars team will do it for FREE!🙉 You can then start using this chatbot right away.