Whether you’ve bargained for cheaper fish at a fish market, had a store attendant guide you to men’s shoe section of a clothing outlet or said thank you to a cashier at the checkout counter of a grocery store, you have engaged in some form of conversational commerce countless times in your life.

WhatsApp chatbots are the natural evolution of this tradition.

They take the personalized conversational experience that your customers are used to in physical stores and apply it to the unbeatable reach of your online presence to create engaging buyer journeys at a scale previously unimaginable in the world of business. Put simply, using WhatsApp Chatbots, you can deliver the better online customer experience and generate more qualified leads. 

The Problem

Whether you’re a multinational financial services company or local auto shop, the bedrock of any B2C services business is lead generation. If you can’t get enough people to book an appointment, share their phone number, or provide their email id, you won’t be able to convert new customers and business will come to a screeching halt.

Unfortunately, traditional lead generation is broken. Most companies, regardless of size or industry, spend time, money and effort bringing traffic to their pages only to find that less than 10% of that traffic is actually converting into leads that can go on to become customers.

At the root of the problem is the seemingly innocuous landing page.

Landing pages have long been the standard way for companies to advertise their products and capture leads, and while they do get the job done they aren’t particularly good at it. People can’t get through a Facebook post let alone an entire page of sales-y text, and absolutely no one likes filling out forms, yet landing pages rely on both of these elements to capture leads.

Most landing page templates today are nothing more than glorified brochures consisting of text and forms, and the end result is an un-engaging buyer experience that bores people into closing the page.

WhatsApp Chatbots as the Solution

WhatsApp chatbots are an engaging alternative to traditional webpages. They take all of the reading and form-filling and they transform it into conversations, and people love conversations!

Conversations, especially ones over chat, offer prospects a level of engagement that traditional webpages just can’t compete with. They are instant, dynamic and most importantly they feel more human than any webpage ever could because they mimic the interactions that your customers are already having on WhatsApp everyday with their friends and family.

That sort of intimate engagement translates into a delightful buyer experience that converts at higher rates.

Getting Started with WhatsApp Chatbots

If you’re already convinced and want to start the process of building a WhatsApp Chatbot, you can either signup for our WhatsApp Chatbot builder or book a free consultation with one of our implementation experts.

If you want to learn more about the technology, check out our webinar on WhatsApp Chatbots.

In it, we cover literally everything there is to know about the technology in a little less than an hour, so if you have the time I highly recommend that you check it out.

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